Things to Consider

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Things to Consider

Funerals let us say goodbye to our loved ones in a respectful and celebratory way, allowing us to feel a sense of closure after the death. Although not many people like to talk about it, it’s vital you know what to consider when planning a funeral. Ensuring everything is covered will avoid any shortfalls on the day of the service. 


We highly recommend choosing a date where guests can easily attend, or possibly is meaningful for both family and friends. Ensure you notify all guests with ample time for them to prepare for the service. 


Allowing mourners to attend the service shows respect and compassion to the deceased. If you want to hold the wake at home, then you don’t have much to worry about at this stage. If you’d like to hire out a venue, start calling and booking venues immediately to avoid disappointment. Don’t forget to organise food delivery from caterers, as the last thing you’d like to do on the day is to prepare food for loads of guests.


Rituals are a tradition and have become ingrained in funeral services. Due to this, these rituals often provide a sense of comfort and structure to those attending the service. Consider if you’d like to incorporate any rituals into your funeral services, and have them organised into the ceremony by your funeral director.


Whether your loved one would like religious hymns to be sung, or they’d like to be buried to their favourite song – it may even be written into their funeral plans – then make sure this is organised before the day of the service. We suggest having a playlist of the chosen songs pre-made to avoid any confusion on the day.


Specially selected readings and their chosen speakers must be aware of its importance and which bit they’ll be presenting before the day. You can choose any readings, whether this is their favourite poem or a religious scripture, or anything that has meaning to the family and the deceased.


Eulogies are traditionally performed by those who were closest to the deceased, as they often speak with emotion and prepare heartfelt speeches. Eulogies give a lovely ending to the service and give relatives and friends a chance to express their emotions.


Deciding on the form of burial will make things easier when it comes to organising the entire funeral. Whether you’ll be opting for cremation or woodland burial, this will decide how the funeral service plays out. 

Floral tributes

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